Name of your band?
Under The Covers / 90s cover rock Band w/ some 80s and early 2000s.⁣

What does the name mean?⁣
Right off the bat, well we’re a cover band LOL, but before Gemini we would practice at random rent-by-the hour studios. One day, one of those owners in a joking conversation mentioned said, ”You guys are Under The Covers.” And POOF, the band name “Under The Covers” stuck and was born.⁣

Who’s in the group?⁣
– Matt Solomon (singer and guitar)⁣
– Rick Myatt (guitar)⁣
– Bill Bullinger aka Silver Fox (guitar)⁣
– Chris Ogden(bass)⁣
– Jan Bylon(drums)

How’d you guys meet?⁣
Rick, Chris, and I have known each other for years playing together in other bands. We met Jan one day at one of our day jobs and just started talking music, hitting it off immediately . Bill joined the band after we countlessly auditioned other guitarist fitting in the mold perfectly.⁣

How long have you been together?⁣
We have been together for 8 months now. Working non-stop through this crazy quarantine stage of life we are all in.⁣

What genre of music would you consider yourselves and who are your influences?⁣
Definitely 90’s rock. From classic alternative, pop punk, country, and yes even some good old boy bands(LOL).

What is the best advice you been given about playing music or otherwise?
Practice, practice, then practice again. Be patient, if you get stuck take a break and then come back to it. Try not to tackle too much at once, things can slip through the cracks when that happens.⁣

What are you working on right now?⁣
Other than constantly widening our catalog of music. We just finished recording at Pot O’ Gold recordings and finished photoshoot with John Gilhooley. Currently we are also in the process of shooting a video with John. Coming soon!⁣

What are some tips for playing live gigs?⁣
Be prepared, show up early, and warm up before.

Has having a lockout been helpful to your band?⁣
Absolutely!! Man, moving all your equipment all the time gets old. Plus, it gives more time and freedom to hone your craft.⁣

How long have you been at Gemini?⁣
We have been with Gemini for 2 months now. And we couldn’t recommend anything better than Gemini. Gemini is our home!⁣

Where can we listen to your music?⁣
Right now you can hear us on our social media’s. We are working very hard and have a lot more in the works as we speak!⁣