What are the general rules?
  1. Be safe and use your head.
  2. All of the following are not allowed and will result in loss of security deposit (see question #2) and or termination of rental contract.
    • Alcohol and any other drug usage occurring on the premises
    • Vandalism or any other damage to the premises
    • Any use of violence on the premises
    • Use of the premises for anything other than rehearsal and recording of music
    • Non-payment of rent and late fees or any other fees incurred by client
    • If client fails to insure that all doors are closed at all times
Is there a security deposit?

Yes, it is equal to one month’s rent.

When is the security deposit due?

At the time of signing the contract for your music studio.

Can the security deposit be used as the last month's rent?

No, because if we used the security deposit for the last month’s rent and then the studio is damaged, then we would no longer have a security deposit to repair the studio.

How much notice do I need to give before moving out of my rehearsal studio?

A 30-day notice is required in writing before moving out. Once the notice is received, the move out date will be set 30 days from the date notice was given.

How do I ensure I get all of the security deposit back?

First, we must receive your 30-day notice, any past due fees, and rent for your last 30 days. The full security deposit, minus a minimum $50.00 basic studio cleaning fee, shall be returned as long as the studio is returned in the condition it was received with only minor wear and tear.

When is the security deposit returned?

Security deposits are returned within three weeks of moving out.

What color paint should I use when repainting?

There are two different textures of Dunn Edwards Swiss Coffee used in the studios. The walls are Swiss Coffee Waltone and the doors and door frames are Swiss Coffee Permagloss. Please do not use the paint for the walls on the doors and vice versa. The phone number to the Costa Mesa Dunn Edwards Store is 800-735-8099.

How old do I have to be to rent a rehearsal studio?
18 years old.
Can more than one person sign the contract?

No, one person who is over 18 years old must sign and they are ultimately solely responsible for the studio, their actions, and the actions of those they give access to.

Are the locks changed before a studio is re-rented after the client moves out?

Yes, we change the locks on the door to each rehearsal studio before it is rented out again.

Do old clients have access to the building once they move out?

No, each building is equipped with a coded access system and each client has their own unique access code. When the previous tenant leaves, their code is canceled and will no longer work.

Are there individual controls for the air conditioning in each studio?
No, the AC is centrally controlled in each building and is on a timer. The AC is not on during the cooler months (usually November through April/May depending on temperatures). During the cooler months forced air is circulated through each building and keeps the studios well ventilated and reasonably cool.
Does Gemini carry insurance on the gear in my studio?
  1. No, Gemini’s insurance policy does not cover any music equipment or personal effects against loss and or damage. We strongly recommend that all individuals who will have music equipment or other personal effects on the premises get personal insurance to cover loss and or damage to these items.
  2. The following is a short list of music insurance providers in Orange County. Gemini Rehearsal Studios has no affiliation with any of these providers.
    1. Music Pro Insurance
    2. Clarion Musical Instrument Insurance
    3. DeWitt Stern Group
    4. CSI Entertainment Insurance
Can I make copies of the keys to my rehearsal studio?

Yes. Give copies of the key to your room and the main door access code to whomever you feel comfortable with. Ultimately, the individual who signed the contract is responsible for their actions.

Is it okay to modify the interior of my rehearsal studio (put up posters, paint, etc.)?
Yes, minor modifications are okay such as, posters, hanging shelves, painting the walls and general small holes in the walls, etc. (do not hang anything from the ceiling). It is your room and your should feel free to be creative with your space; however, we do require that once you move out you return the studio back to the way it was when you moved in.
Is it okay to modify the exterior of my door?

Yes, for the time being, but if abused this will no longer be an option. You cannot paint the outside of your door and please limit the size of any decoration (preferably a tasteful graphic of the band name) to the size of an 8.5 x 11-inch piece of paper. Please use common sense when choosing what to put on your door and do not put profanity or anything offensive to be funny.

Can I smoke inside the studio or building?
No, there is a fire alarm which would go off and the majority of our clients would prefer the premises to be smoke free; however, you may smoke outside, but please put the butts in the ashtrays.
Are there vending machines on site?

Yes, there is a vending machine in each building with drinks and snacks.

Is there really 24-hour access to my rehearsal studio?

Yes, you have your own code to the main building door and keys to your studio. You may come and go as you please.

Can I live in my rehearsal studio?

No, you may not live in your studio under any circumstances. Gemini is not zoned for residential use and cannot allow anyone to live on the premises. It is very easy to tell when someone tries to live in their studio, please do not try it.

Do I live too far from Gemini Rehearsal Studios?

No, Gemini’s convenient Orange County location and close proximity to the 5, 55, and 405 freeways makes us an ideal central music rehearsal studio for musicians from all local cities:

Aliso Viejo
Buena Park
Costa Mesa
Corona Del Mar
Coto de Caza
Dana Point
Dove Canyon
Foothill Ranch
Fountain Valley

Garden Grove
Huntington Beach
Ladera Ranch
La Habra
La Palma
Laguna Beach
Laguna Hills
Laguna Niguel
Laguna Woods
Lake Forest
Los Alamitos

Long Beach
Monarch Beach
Mission Viejo
Newport Beach
Newport Coast
Portola Hills
Rancho Santa Margarita
San Clemente
San Juan

Santa Ana
Seal Beach
Trabuco Canyon
Villa Park
Yorba Linda
San Diego
Los Angeles