If you’re part of the Orange County music scene and you’re not already following @ocsellout you’re missing out! He started an Instagram account to share videos from his favorite local shows and he’s turned into the go-to live music man in OC.

He has a festival coming up on November 16th at the Tiki Bar featuring Aloha Radio, Wicked Bears, Taken Days, The Big Skandal, Art Barriors, Ready Set Survive, and Old Rivals! 

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An Interview with OC Sellout

Tell us how OC Sellout came to be? 

I have always been involved in music one way or another. In high school I was in a band, worked at Drive-Thru Records when they blew up and then moved over to Capitol Records while going to college. I also ran a web zine called Kill Your Scene that was a ton of fun before the social media days. Show reviews, interviews, news updates and record reviews. Once I graduated I got a job that had nothing to do with music and I missed it dearly. Fast forward about 10 years and Instagram became a thing. I started posting a lot of the shows I was going to on my personal account and truth be told my family and friends were not the right audience haha. One day about 3 years ago I was at Scallywag in San Diego and I decided to make a second page only for music. That is how OCsellout was born. I struggled with the name for awhile but went with OCsellout because I live in Orange County and in punk rock if you’re promoting bands and trying to make it big you’re “selling out.”  Similar to my webzine’s name from a Strung Out song – Kill Your Scene. Does that make sense? Haha. The point of this page is to bring music lovers together (not just punk rock but reggae, ska, emo, etc) and most importantly to help build and promote the Orange County Music Scene and any bands touring through. I don’t make a cent and don’t do it for any other reason than for the love of the music.

Have you always been a huge music fan? 

Oh yeah! Music is my escape from everything. Whether it’s putting on a record or going to a show music can transport me to a different place and make me forget about the every day things.

What was the first show you ever went to? 

My first show was when I was 6. My parents took me to Big Bear (Snow Summit I believe) to see The Beach Boys. They have been my favorite band ever since with their amazing harmonies and simple yet sophisticated music. My first “real” show that I begged to go to was Bush at the Forum when Sixteen Stone came out. My Dad took me and wore ear plugs the whole time – I don’t think he realized what he was creating. I can’t thank my parents enough for having music involved in my life whether it was Genesis or Raffi.

What is your favorite part about going to live music shows? 

Nothing beats a concert. Live music is so pure and fun. It brings so many different people together. I try to go to shows as much as I can – it’s definitely my favorite thing to do.

How would you describe your music taste? 

Well, it’s eclectic for sure but it definitely hasn’t changed much since I was younger. I can still throw on music from high school and love it the same as I did then. Basically I like all types of music except for hip hop/rap. While I respect it, I can’t get into it. Drums and guitars are a must in my book.

What are your top 5 favorite shows you’ve been to?

This week? Haha. I would say Warped Tour ‘03, Reel Big Fish at the old House of Blues Anaheim a million years ago, Saves the Day and Get Up Kids at HOB Hollywood, No Use for a Name and Mad Caddies at Ventura Theater or any local show. Local shows are hands down my favorite because half the time the local bands are just as good if not better than big bands. They just need their lucky break. If I can help them gain even one additional fan than I look at it as a success.

What has been your favorite part about having OC Sellout? 

I’ve met some amazing people. I’ve made some really good friends through it as well. I never thought that a couple videos I posted of Goldfinger and Reel Big Fish would turn this page into what it is today but it’s been a fun ride. I love giving away tickets too – it’s always such a great feeling making someone’s day by giving them a free pair of tickets to see their favorite band.

Tell us about your festival happening this month!

Saturday, November 16 I am hosting the second annual OC Sellout Fest at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa. Last year was so much fun I figured I’d make it a yearly thing. This year I’ve got 7 incredible bands that are all fantastic. Locally Aloha Radio, Art from Audio Karate, Taken Days and Old Rivals are playing. Coming from out of town are Wicked Bears from Salt Lake City, The Big Skandal from Miami and Ready Set Survive from San Diego. It’s going to be a special night and I promise if you come you will leave learning and loving some new bands! I couldn’t be more excited about the evening.

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