Happy love month from Gemini!

This month we’re featuring Wam Dingis, check out their story and their best practices below!

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Name of your band? 

Wam Dingis


What does the name mean?

Freedom, Love, win win, and Feminism.


Who’s in the group? 

Mindy Song, Angela Vasquez, Darren Cochran and Jor god of gender (Jordan Avila)


How’d you guys meet?

In 2002 Darren sold Jor a guitar for $20 then they became best friends making music playing their first show at Hume Lake summer camp. Then Mindy and Angela joined in 2015 meeting at Jor’s The Charity Shop art store that was kind of an Andy Warhol the factory kind of place. Mindy and Jor met at art school and Angela met us at one of our figure study art classes.


How long have you been together?

We’ve been together 18 years


What genre of music would you consider yourselves and who are your influences?

Genre: Art Rock – Rock ‘n’ Roll – High Energy Fun
Influences: Iggy Pop – The Pixies – The Velvet Underground – Hot Snakes – The Walkmen – St. Vincent – Patti Smith – Kate Bush – Bjork – Angel Olsen – Kiss – Prince – John Lennon – George Harrison – Harry Nilsson – The Misfits – The Ramones – Mozart

What is the best advice you been given about playing music or otherwise?

50 percent Art 50 percent Business


What are you working on right now?

New music for second album. The new songs Dark Parlor and Gallery Girl which we will be recording with Kenny Becker of Goon this month and an Ambient Fun Remix of our first Album It’s Not That Hard with Spooky (Nick Logie) of HOTT MT, Vinyl Williams and Non Plus Ultra.


What bands are you listening to right now?

Iggy Pop – Karen Dalton – Angel Olsen – Kiss – Hamilton Leithauser – Night Dreamer – The Smashing Pumpkins – Wam Dingis – St. Vincent – The Walkmen – The Pixies – Gary Glitter – T. Rex


What practice tips do you find help your band practices?

Practicing 3 times a week and writing lyrics everyday

What are some tips for playing live gigs?

Have fun – if you’re having fun the audience is having fun


Has having a lockout been helpful to you band?

Yes very much. It has made us so much tighter and on point. Who knew practice could do that? haha


How long have you been at Gemini?

A few months now but we were there for a year or so years ago. We Love Gemini Studio. Always happy to be there. ????????✨✨????????

Where can we listen to your music?
Apple Music 
Album on YouTube 
Wam Dingis YouTube Channel Music Videos 
Instagram @wamdingis